Strategic + Transformational + Transactional = BBBEE Excellence

Your company needs to be B-BBEE compliant to operate competitively in today’s robust market. Your B-BBEE approach must be a best-of-breed model that incorporates the STRATEGIC (supports the business’ long-term core objectives i.e. sustainability) + TRANSFORMATIONAL (diversity and inclusion focused) + TRANSACTIONAL (focused on scorecard points in the short-term) into a workable plan with clear objectives, priority interventions, key milestones, performance indicators, etc. For help with shaping B-BBEE into your competitive advantage and brand edge, contact us today on 011 039 7578 or

You are smart. You would not perform major surgery on yourself. You would not build your dream home without expert advice. So why attempt to optimize your B-BBEE compliance without professional support?

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